Recommendations of our clients summarize their experience with our law office. The whole tem of Advokát21 law office believes that the values of office are confirmed and will be confirmed by our Clients’ experiences quoted in their recommendations.

The following implemented projects according to branches of our specialization and branches of our clients can be mentioned – read more.

Reference no. 18

Good morning Mr. Novotný,

I read again through the decision and I would like to thank you very much again! You help us find peace in the life and begin living normal life with common affairs. THANK YOU.

Spouses Ř., 28.9.2018

Reference no. 17

Dear Doctor,

let me again give thanks to you for helping me with purchasing a flat.

I especially thank you for the greatly fast and flawless preparation of all contracts, advising me through the phone regardless of the time and mainly for the bottomless well of your professional knowledge.

I will warmly recommend you and shall I need any legal help in the future, I will certainly get in touch with you again.

Best regards

R.S. 22.5.2018

Reference no. 16

Good morning,

I am delighted with how you have coped with the issue and I am pleased with your performance.

I believe that the case will end up well and justly, i.e. in our favour!

Thank you very much in the meantime,

J.Š. 10.8.2017

Reference no. 15

Thank you for your time, work and effort. I would if you were our family lawyer, who knows us and can help our children in various matter in time. Sincerely

S.Č. 28.6.2017

Reference no. 14

Thank you very much Mr. Novotný. You have taken lead in a complicated case which was a sad human story. You managed to get oriented very quickly and to accurately reason everything. You have put your heart in the case and together with the judge returned to us hope that moral rules still exist.

M+J+N 3.1.2017

Reference no. 13

Dear Dr.,

together with my wife and daughter we thank you for great cooperation, your highly professional and at the same time very human approach to solving our problems. Thanks to you we can successfully complete one significant chapter of our life.


P.J., 3.10.2016

Reference no. 12

Peter, thank you for the perfect service you have been providing me in the field of business law and everything related to it for many years. I am excited about your services since you always adapt to my, sometimes very specific needs. I also appreciate all your advice you have given me about renaming of the company, so everything connected with the Commercial Register went smoothly and was prepared by the time I needed. I look forward to further cooperation.

Ing. Jiří Čumpelík, director of company ECODrive Plus, s.r.o., 18.5.2016

Reference no. 11

I have contacted JUDr. Petr Novotný when I was getting divorced and when the community property of me and my former husband was to be settled. Given husband’s short temper, the situation appeared insoluble to me. Thanks to JUDr. Petr Novotný I have found courage not only for the divorce but also for the settlement of the community property. I got professional support, both legal and psychological. Dr. always worked fast and adapted to my time requirements, phone and e-mail consultations during other than working days were matter of course. The case ended up very well. I really thank Mr. Novotný and Mgr. Milena Kuttová and recommend Advokát 21 Law Office according to everything above mentioned and their human approach to the client.

I wish you many successes and thank you very much again!

24.4.2016 L.T.

Reference no. 10

Mr. JUDr. Petr Novotný has taken over my case concerning disinheritance after “lost first round”. I very appreciate how fast he was able to orientate himself and draft a perfect reasoning for an appeal against the judgment of the District Court, on the ground of which he afterwards won the case.

JUDr. Petr Novotný is exceptionally capable, polite and careful attorney with rare attitude to the client as a human, whom he helps to secure his rights. It’s a great relief to know that such people still exist.

Thank you once again!

P.J., v Praze, dne 25. 10. 2014

Reference no. 9

Dear Doctor,

the response you have written is very fitting and accurate and I wouldn’t change a letter in it. I do wonder how he counterparty will react.

I’m also very grateful for your interpretation of the situation. I have read it carefully and count on it for the future, whenever I will lose my nerve.

Thank you very much again and have a nice day.

V.K. 24.7.2014

Reference no. 8

Once again, I would like to thank you for your excellent work and great attitude – it was a pleasure to work with you. I appreciate the great professionalism, individual and human approach to the issue, sensitive apprehension of the relevant context as well as quick preparation, precise drawing up of all documents and correct directing. 

I.H. 5.7.2014

Reference no.7

Services of Advokát 21 Law Office were professional and flexible in my case – I cannot rate other than very positive. 

M.U. 25.6.2014

Reference no.6

I contacted JUDr. Novotný with a request for a complete revision of Articles of Housing Cooperative at the last minute and at the time when he had all dates full. Nevertheless, he found time for drafting, consultations and all revisions of the Articles and he adapted very flexibly to my time demands. The cooperation was very quick, professional and pleasant. I greatly appreciate such approach fully oriented to the client. I consider dealing with the issue fully online as a huge advantage, because it greatly facilitated my situation since I am very occupied with my job. I will be glad to cooperate with JUDr. Novotný in the future again.

K.J., Housing Cooperative Prague 6, 6.6.2014

Reference no. 5

I appreciate the whole team of Advokát 21 Law Office, specifically JUDr. Petr Novotný. My family has been using its services for many years with the highest possible satisfaction, namely in the field of real property, family law and law of succession.

Particularly, I appreciate JUDr. Petr Novotný’s approach which saves my time and money by searching for the most effective solution of problems I bring to him as the client.

JUDr. Petr Novotný is an exceptionally qualified, correct and careful attorney at law with rarely humane approach to a client as a human to whom he helps to secure his/her rights.

I would like to thank Mr. Novotný for his professional legal services and I am sure that I’ve chosen the best lawyer.

Š. A. 31. 5. 2013

Reference No. 4

Very nice, thank you. The style of your legal representation is admirable; it cannot be compared to the services of the previous representation. I'm glad that I managed to convince the owner to choose your law office. 

D.P. 30.11.2012

Reference No. 3

JUDr. Petr Novotný successfully solved a very difficult financial situation that was caused by the closure of non-bank loans and which we have already considered quite hopeless. Solutions proposed by him was always brought to a successful conclusion. All of this at a high work effort, great willingness, friendliness and mainly high legal expertise. We really appreciated the possibility of operational solution of problems without time limitation through electronic communication. Thanks to that, client’s distance from his lawyer is of no importance. This situation led us to a recognition that investment in legal help provided by professional and skilled lawyer is by no means unnecessary. JUDr. Petr Novotný is exactly such a lawyer with very pleasant and friendly attitude in addition to his professionalism. 

V.B. 11.12.2012

Reference No. 2

My cooperation with Advokát21 Law Office, namely with Dr. Novotný, began in spring 2009. It concerned recovery of a debt of hundreds of thousands of Czech Crowns. This matter should be solved during spring 2012 by distraining the defendant company.

Dr. Novotný showed professional work of an attorney at law towards me (i.e. his client) by precise formulation of a given problem, by an advise of the most suitable solution and in the end by friendly notices that he “still” waits for necessary documents to be signed by me and delivered to him to be able to begin and continue the proceeding.

He also showed professional work towards the other involved parties, i.e. investors, the Municipal Court and distrainors as the last instance. He was paying attention to deadlines, sending dunning letters concerning not observing statutory periods etc.

I would like to thank Dr. Novotný for an amazing representation of perfectly mastered craft of an attorney at law. He solved my case to my complete satisfaction.

20.3.2012 E.D., Prague

Reference No. 1

Petr showed exceptional work while providing legal services, including services concerning attorney’s custody in connection with real property transfer in the Czech Republic. Petr also arranged necessary translations and legal advices to overcome the language and legal gap I was confronted with during the whole transaction. He anticipated to hurdles ahead, dealt with them, and always removed my uncertainties by e-mails step by step thanks to his perfect English. His work was precise and costs for it were predictable during the whole cooperation. His e-mails to me and other involved parties were perfectly organized. Thanks to his additional work and his legal advices in the field of European regulations, government regulations and communication with government agencies, the transfer of real property was a breeze.

June 29, 2011, D.K., the Netherlands